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Verso Adjustable 9" Diameter Spray Head Rainshower

Verso Adjustable 9" Diameter Spray Head Rainshower

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The Verso™ Rainshower with Magnetix™ allows you to easily disconnect your showerhead from the shower arm to make cleaning easier. Moen Magnetix magnetic docking technology eliminates the frustration of cleaning a showerhead simply remove the showerhead to soak in a cleaning solution and wipe it clean. Once the showerhead is clean, snap it back into place no tools are required. Magnetix technology features a powerful magnetic dock for easy release and a secure attachment to ensure a faster, simpler cleaning routine. To further enhance the experience, the showerhead features a sleek, 9 inch design and Moen’s Infiniti™ Dial spray innovation for a customized and luxurious shower.
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Connection Size
Connection Type
Showerhead Functions
Showerhead Type
Showerhead Size
9" Diameter Spray Head
Type Of Function
Flow Rate
2.5 Gpm (9.5 L/Min) Max.
Magnetix Docking System

  • The new Infiniti™Dial offers a customizable shower with limitless spray pressure and coverage options and allows you to seamlessly switch between spray modes with no pause in experience.
  • Magnetix™ makes cleaning your rainshower a breeze, making the overall shower cleaning process simpler and faster.
  • Helps reduce the need for scrubbing hard water stains; soak in a 50/50 water/vinegar cleaning solution and wipe dry.
  • Moen’s Magnetix technology allows for easy showerhead removal and reattachment no tools required.
  • Features a 9 inch showerhead diameter for an elevated, luxurious shower.
  • The Magnetix dock integrates recycled ocean plastic for a sustainable design solution.