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Moen 5-series Electronic Bidet Seat

Moen 5-series Electronic Bidet Seat

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Designed for superior cleansing with the most luxurious features, the 5-Series Electronic Bidet Seat (eBidet) is ideal for those who are upgrading their bathroom into a more spa-like space. Take bathroom routines to a whole new level with enhanced technology and sleek style. This eBidet is the perfect solution to replacing your current toilet seat for more sophisticated experience. The 5-Series eBidet offers the ultimate in customization including, remote control operation; a hygienic heated seat with seat sensor; temperature control and water pressure control; endless, instantaneous warm water; and a warm air dryer for a completely comfortable and clean experience that also provides the opportunity to cut back on the use of toilet paper. The eBidet includes self-cleaning, replaceable nozzles and UV technology to provide elevated cleanliness, while the nightlight offers additional assistance during nighttime trips to the bathroom.
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  • dual nozzles with front and rear cleansing; pulsating and oscillating cleanse; aerated spray; and nozzle position adjustment for a complete and customized clean
  • adjustable water pressure, temperature control and endless, instantaneous warm water all provide a customizable experience
  • hot and cold massage options for extra relief
  • soft-close lid and seat offer a quiet experience for use at any time of day
  • self-cleaning options with UV technology and replaceable nozzles increase cleanliness
  • hygienic and heated seats with temperature control and sensors offer a more comfortable experience
  • operates via a convenient control panel and remote control for ease of use
  • warm air dryer with temperature control for enhanced comfort
  • nightlight feature helps assist during night trips to the bathroom
  • retrofittable design featuring quick-release hinges
  • the elongated style fits most toilets
  • auto-energy saver
  • ADA compliant
  • backed by Moen’s 3-year warranty against leaks and defects to the original consumer purchaser and 1 year if used in commercial installations
  • requires an electric outlet
  • deodorizer helps reduce odor
  • white finish brings a clean and crisp look to your space