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Inly™ Relaxation Variety Bulk Pack – 20 Count

Inly™ Relaxation Variety Bulk Pack – 20 Count

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It's back to school time. And even after enjoying a great summer, the fall flurry of activity can bring on stress and fatigue. As the season transitions, treat yourself to a daily moment of calm in the shower. Discover the Relaxation Pack of Inly fragrance capsules for your Moen Aromatherapy Shower. This multipack gives you more scents to enjoy – with special pricing. - Start the day relaxed with the softness of SWEET MORNING, - Enjoy the benefits of a unique spa experience with ZEN TIME, - Escape to a paradise island with TROPICAL DAY. This 20 capsule relaxation pack includes: 1 x SWEET MORNING 5-pack, 2 x ZEN TIME 5-pack, 1 x TROPICAL DAY 5-pack. Enjoy your choice even more at 25% off.
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  • Aromatherapy, variety pack
  • You want to take an aromatherapy shower? Choose your capsule based on your needs, insert it and enjoy the relaxing or toning benefits of its essential oils mix directly in your shower water.
  • Start the day in a relaxed and good mood thanks to the softness of a shower with SWEET MORNING – 5 Shower capsules with essential oils of red berries, geranium and vanilla
  • Enjoy the benefits of a unique spa experience from your shower with ZEN TIME – 10 Shower capsules with essential oils of lavender, vanilla and tea tree
  • Escape under the sun of a paradise island directly from your shower thanks to TROPICAL DAY. – 5 Shower capsules with essential oils of lemongrass, neroli and vanilla
  • Add an INLY Shower Capsule to your routine and infuse the shower with essential oils and spa-inspired fragrances
  • For an optimal aromatherapy experience, use one INLY capsule per shower
  • Fragrances infuse into the shower without leaving scented or oily residue on tub, hair or skin
  • Fragrance made in France with essential oils curated by master perfumer, Jean-Charles Sommerard
  • INLY fragrances go through the highest-level of cosmetic testing against European standards to ensure quality
  • Compatible with Moen Aromatherapy Showers equipped with INLY Technology
  • aromatherapy
  • variety pack